Our Tenets

Our tenets are more than just a gimmicky poster.  This is how we hire, provide feedback, promote and keep ourselves grounded as a company and as team mates.  We call-out when we see our tenets in action to reinforce them and their importance on our work.

We never pretend we know more than we do

Asking the right question is more important than being a know-it-all.  Experiment and probe to find out.

We know the customer is not always right

That's why we're here.  We all know what we know and sometimes it's difficult to see a different way.

We don’t let perfection get in the way of great

If we wait for everything to be perfect we'll never do anything.  We will always learn and improve.

We treat everyone like our mothers are watching

Respect costs nothing but is worth everything.  It doesn't matter who it is or what they've done.

We use the tools, processes and systems that we sell

If it's good enough for our customers, then it's good enough for us.  If it's not, then it's our job to fix it.

We communicate bad news just as fast as good news 

Bad news is just another way to communicate and build trust - internally and externally.

We know good intentions don't work, mechanisms do

Mechanisms have a process, a tool, are adopted and audited, anything else is just a platitude to make you fell better.

We are open and honest in every interaction

It doesn't matter whether internal or external.  The alternative doesn't bear thinking about.

We challenge and support in equal measure

We never let each other shirk our responsibilities and commitments but are always ready to step-in and help.

We are never content, we iterate and improve every day

We will be better today than we were yesterday, and work to make tomorrow better than today.

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