The Odoo Audit.

Our Odoo Audits take 10 days for a fixed price of $2,000.


The more modules you have, the more options and complexity you have

Odoo has hundreds of settings that have a significant impact on how companies use their system.  Out of the box, many of these settings are in default mode, which may or may not suit your business.  With such an integrated system, it's almost impossible to know what every setting does and the effect it has on other modules.

Unoptimized systems can be more harmful than no system 

Get these options wrong and at best, they will slow you down or require you to do steps that aren’t needed.  At worst, incorrect settings can have wide-reaching consequences on Customers, Vendors and ultimately your financials.

There’s a better way

Our Best Practice Audit is designed on the typical set-up for your industry.  We constantly review what is considered best practice and then assess your settings against it.  The result is a Pass or Fail versus the best practice across nearly 500 different settings and set-ups.

For each, we provide you with a Priority (High, Medium or Low) based on the impact of that setting across your system, as well as recommended actions and next steps.

No strings attached 

You're free to do what you like with your audit results.  You can engage with us to help fix them, do the fixes yourself or take the results to another partner.  Either way, at least you know where you are. 

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