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Are you ready to ditch dozens of programs and apps and move to a single, integrated platform to manage and grow your business?

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How about a single platform that handles your CRM, Website, eCommerce, Invoicing, Online Payments, Inventory, Purchasing, Email Marketing, Subscriptions, Accounting, Point of Sale, Rentals, Expenses, Accounting, Documents, Recruitment and HR and more...?

Everything is integrated, managed with a single log-in, with no long-term contracts, it's fully hosted in the cloud, available on your cell phone and has the flexibility to add and remove users at anytime.

We get everything set-up for you, including migrating your existing data and training your Users.


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Inventory Management

With real-time availability, automated flows and integration with UPS, FedEx and USPS.

Website and Online Sales

Showcase your products and services, capture sales with integrated payments.

Team Management

From recruitment, on-boarding, time sheets, leave approvals and appraisals.

Invoicing and Accounting

Create invoices, vendor bills and reconcile through to your bank account.

Sales and Customer Pipeline

See the pipeline, predict win-rates and report on progress.

Manufacturing and Quality

Manage bills of material, work instructions and quality management.

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Inventory Management

With real-time inventory and availability, integration with UPS, FedEx and USPS there's a lot to get excited about.

  • Address validation

  • Auto-replenishment

  • Barcode printing

  • Barcode scanning

  • Barcode support

  • Bills of material

  • Carrier integration

  • Cross-docking

  • Drop-shipping

  • Expiry date management

  • Full traceability

  • Integration with IoT devices

  • Inventory Costing

  • Inventory forecasts

  • Lot management

  • Returns management

  • RFID scanning

  • Shipping label creation

  • Stock-taking

  • Work dashboard

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Website and Online Sales

With a flexible drag-and-drop website creator and integration with the leading payment processors already built-in you can be selling online in less than an hour.  Fully integrated with the Inventory Management, Sales and Invoicing applications create a seamless, hands-off sales process.

  • Appointment management

  • Automated abandoned cart emails

  • Automated alerts

  • Blogs

  • Click-through tracking

  • Custom landing pages

  • Dozens of templates to get you started

  • Drag and drop website builder

  • Full-featured product pages

  • Fully integrated with Inventory and Shipping

  • Lead creation through website visits

  • Loyalty programs

  • Multiple payment methods

  • Promotion and Coupon codes

  • Real-time stock availability

  • SEO optimization

  • Up-sell and Cross-sell

  • Variable shipping fees

  • Visitor tracking

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Team Management

Use your website to attract the right talent for your business and then onboard them with just a few clicks.  Fully integrated with time sheets, leave requests, payroll and expenses apps for a seamless and integrated employee experience.

  • 360 degree feedback

  • Absence management

  • Applicant tracking

  • Applicant workflow

  • Appraisal history

  • Attendance management

  • Performance reports

  • Recruit from website

  • Employee badges

  • Apply online

  • Kanban recruitment process

  • Full reporting and analysis

  • Expense management

  • Online offer send and sign

  • Employee directory

  • Onboarding online

  • Employee surveys

  • Appraisal management

  • Team charts

  • Clock-in and clock-out

  • Company car management

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Sales and Customer Pipeline

Create leads from your website visitors, create automated email campaigns and lead scoring.  Assign leads to Sales teams and monitor and report on progress against your goals.

  • Automated sales

  • Automatic customer notices

  • Automatic lead distribution

  • Contact management

  • CRM integrations

  • Customer management

  • Drag and drop stage management

  • Email sending from CRM

  • Field sales ready through mobile devices

  • Integrated with Sales and Marketing

  • Lead assignment

  • Lead distribution

  • Lead generation

  • Lead management

  • Lead scoring

  • Opportunity management

  • Pipeline management

  • Pipeline reports

  • Prioritization of leads

  • Quote management

  • Sales forecasting

  • Sales tracking

  • Schedule meetings

  • Send contracts and online signature

  • Today's activities

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Invoicing and Accounting

Fully integrated with Sales and Purchasing as well as expense management you get a full view of the your financials in real-time.  With bank integration available you can reconcile and post entries with just a few clicks.  Full Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow reporting available to you at anytime and out of the box.

  • Account reconciliation

  • Accounting Integration

  • Accounting management

  • ACH payment processing

  • Actual costing

  • Auditing

  • Automated AR emails

  • Automated billing

  • Automated expense input

  • Automatic reminders

  • Balance sheet

  • Bank integration

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Batch processing

  • Billing & invoicing

  • Business analysis

  • Cost tracking

  • Currency conversion

  • Customer ledgers

  • Dynamic reporting

  • Email invoices direct from Odoo

  • Integrated with document management

  • Manage through dashboards

  • Pre-filled vendor bills

  • Real-time P&L reporting

  • Tax integration

  • Validation workflows

  • Vendor bills through email

  • Vendor ledgers

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Manufacturing and Quality

Integrated with your Inventory, Quality and Maintenance modules you can manage manufacturing work orders through your work centers.  Balancing workloads and priorities you can plan effectively using the integrated MRP capabilities.

  • Advanced planning

  • Advanced routing through work centers

  • Barcode integration

  • Bill of material analysis

  • BoM versioning

  • Create manufacturing orders for stock

  • ECO approvals

  • Engineering change orders

  • Full traceability

  • Full work order tracking

  • Integrated with worksheet management

  • IoT ready for shop floor devices

  • Kanban view of quality dashboard

  • Maintenance request management

  • Maintenance requests

  • Make to order rules

  • Manage through tablets on shop-floor

  • Manufacturing orders

  • Operating costs

  • Pass / fail tests incorporated

  • Preventative actions

  • Product lifecycle management

  • Quality alerts

  • Quality control points

  • Quality management

  • Root cause analysis

  • Serial number creation

  • Work center capacity management

  • Work timing

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