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Silverdale Attendance Module

*Overview* The Silverdale attendance module allows employees without users, that is, without access to Odoo backend to access to the portal to do the check/in and checkout. As a result, the attendance of all employees can be tracked without increasing license costs. * Silverdale attendance feature * With this feature, portal users can now view their attendance along with the number of hours they have worked in the portal. It also allows them to review their daily check-in and check-out timings and ensures transparency in the attendance tracking process. Configuration Go to settings and enable *attendance on portal* from Silverdale attendance extension.     User Impact   Once the configuration is made, you will be able to see the attendance module in the portal. Clicking on attendance wi

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Silverdale Audit Module

*Overview  * The Silverdale Audit extension allows users to generate reports with the following information: * Installed App Chart    * List of all apps in the PDF report along with the authors of the applications. * Installed App Category    * List of all the apps along with their category, indicating which application belongs to which category (Sales, Accounting, etc.). * Show Security Roles    * List of all the users along with the roles and rights they are assigned for the particular module. * Company Configuration    * List of all configuration settings for every single module and field. * Show Studio Changes    * List of all changes made in Studio, along with field name, field label, model, and type. * Installed App List    * List of all the applications that are installed along with

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Silverdale Contacts Module

Overview Good contact management is a basic building block in any client-facing process. For example, having contacts with incorrect data is often a problem that can be costly in many ways. Silverdale contacts extension will help you with two key issues: having correct addresses and controlling in detail which kind of documents each contact has access to via the client portal. Silverdale contacts offers the following features: USPS address validation [1] Client portal access rights per contact [2] Auto create contact reference [3] Individual first and last name [4] USPS Address Validation Silverdale USPS Address Validation allows users to validate the address in real-time using USPS validation, which reduces issues when mailing, doing deliveries or preparing any documentation that displ

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Silverdale Document Module

*Overview* The Silverdale document extension includes a number of features that makes document management easier. Key features: Customer document on portal   [1] Upload document to Wasabi   [2] Customer documents on portal This feature allows the customer to upload and view the documents on the portal that they have uploaded. Users can preview the documents and download them; work spaces can be configured by internal users. Configuration Go to settings and enable customer documents on the portal from the Silverdale document extension.   User can setup workspace right away from the drop down or go to document/configuration and create a new workspace. Once configured, go to documents and in configuration click on portal directories to setup a one.     In portal directories, add contacts;

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Silverdale eCommerce Module

*Overview* The Silverdale E-commerce extension two effective quality of life features : Addition of dependent products [1] None [2] Cancel abandoned cart Addition of dependent products * T his feature allows users to add dependent products that are required to be sold along with other products. Once a product is sold, all the depende products will be automatically added to the cart. Configuration Go to settings and enable *dependent products *in the Silverdale e-commerce extension.   You also need to enable *variants *in inventory products to have the settings updated and be able to access product variants in inventory. User Impact 1. Once done, go to Inventory and then click on  product variant* and add or update an existing product; as an example, we have created a new product door.  

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Silverdale eLearning Module

** ** * Overview * Silverdale e-learning extension is the standard module by adding new options on how to publish videos and adding some some quality of life improvements: Vimeo videos in e-learning   [1] Publish/ Unpublish in e-learning [2] E-learning document videos  [3] Multiple attendees invitation [4]    * Vimeo Videos in E-Learning * Enabling this feature allows you to upload any vimeo video by adding the URL. Configuration Go to settings and enable vimeo videos in Silverdale e-learning extension tab. User Impact Once extension is enabled go to E-learning Module and Create or update your Course. Click on Add content, which will open a popup, enter a title for the content, select Vimeo Video as the type, and enter the URL for the Vimeo Video. 3. Once added, click save and close;

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Silverdale General Module

* Overview​ * The Silverdale General Extension provides useful features for managing Odoo applications more effectively. By enabling this extension, users gain more control over the creation of records on the fly for different models, which can prevent the creation of invalid records and help avoid invoicing errors. Silverdale General Extension provides two improvements that are applicable to any Odoo application: Control Creation of records on M2O Fields Uninstall Multiple Modules Control Creation Of Records On M20 Fields ** * Silverdale extension lets you have better control on ODOO for the creation of any models on the fly. This can drastically reduce errors by avoiding duplicated products, contacts, or any other type of entry specially when new employees are starting to use Odoo. It al

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Silverdale Helpdesk Module

* Overview * The extension offers businesses better insights and control over their ticket management process. Key features: Enable filter and group-by for ticket type on portal  [1] Create opportunities from ticket  [2] Display helpdesk solution to portal users  [3] Non billable timesheet feature   [4] * Enable filter and group-by for ticket type on portal * Enabling this feature allows users to filter and group their tickets based on the ticket type, providing them with better insights and more control. Configuration Go to settings and enable *filter and group-by for ticket type on portal* in helpdesk.   User Impact   Once the feature is enabled, go to the portal in tickets. You will be displayed with type, and you can also group by type.    You will also have the option to searc

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Silverdale Mail Module

​ Overview * Silverdale Mail Extension is a useful tool that adds several new features to the standard Odoo email composer, making everyday work and communication with customers more intuitive and efficient . Key features: Send message composer Email "from" feature on email composer    Email BCC feature on email template Activity for multiple users  Company Based notification  Email "from" and CC when sending invoices Send Message Composer * This feature opens an email dialogue and composer that is more intuitive and easier to type messages. Users will have the option to use a template to add multiple recipients, whereas in standard Odoo, clicking on Send Message sends the message to followers with very few options. This feature also helps to better differentiate between emails that probab

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Silverdale Maintenance Extension

Overview* Proper maintenance is crucial in manufacturing industries and requires consistent adherence to SOPs. Silverdale maintenance extensions offer a solution by providing worksheets for equipment maintenance, ensuring systematic and documented procedures. Lack of standardization can make maintenance challenging, but Silverdale extensions simplify the process. *Maintenance extension* When the maintenance extension is enabled, you can create a worksheet and assign it to specific maintenance teams and equipment. This function assists the user in adding a worksheet and scheduling maintenance. Configuration Go to settings and enable* maintenance worksheet* under maintenance extension.   Once activated go to maintenance click on configuration and then select maintenance worksheet template t