ZPL Label Designer

User Guide 2301 ZPL Label Designer Module


Silverdale ZPL Label Designer saves you time and money by allowing users to create and print their own label designs within Odoo.


  1. Go to settings and enable Silverdale ZPL label designer module.   
  2. After enabling, the ZPL label design module will be visible in the main screen.  
  3. To create or edit labels, go to settings, click on user and companies, click on groups, and then select can design ZPL report.
  4.  In the example below, Mitchell Admin is the only user that can create or edit labels, but you can add as many users as you wan

You can configure different label sizes to be used when creating labels:

  1. To create a new Size, go to the Size menu and then click Create.
  2. You can name the size, define the width, height, density, and units of measurement, which can be in MM or Inches.

ZPL label creation 

To design and print labels, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the ZPL label in the main menu.
  2. Click on create, input a label name, select the size (sizes can be configured in their own menu), and the model in which the label will be used. 
  3. To create the label, click Edit Label; this will open the editor, where you can drag and drop an item to the label.
  4. After dropping an element click on the element and then click on Add Content
  5. A menu will appear where you can select what kind of content you want (text, QR code...etc.) and you can edit the details. Once you click again on add content the item will be displayed in the label.
  6. Return to Label and click add to print menu to see the automated code generated based on the label design.  
  7. Adding to print menu will allow you to see the contacts' details and print labels in the contacts.