SME Release Notes Odoo 16

SME Silverdale User Guide 2301

Welcome to our first Module Extension release of 2023. Below you can find our new features Odoo 16. For Odoo 15, click this link

We hope you like our new features, and if you have any questions or ideas for future releases, please reach us out via Silverdale Cares or email us at he[email protected] or contact your Silverdale representative.

E-commerce Extension

 Standard Odoo 16 does not allow to apply discounts to recurring products (subscriptions) via pricelist. Enabling the [81371] Price list discount extension keeps the behavior consistent and applies discounts to all products including recurring ones. To understand the modification please see the steps below: 

  1. Go to settings and enable Apply price list to recurrence products as shown below

  2. Create a pricelist with a discount in the "Price Rules" tab and a recurring price in the "Time based rules" tab

  3. Create a sales order and assign the related product, pricelist, and recurrence. As show in the picture below the discount is now being applied to the subscription product price

Subscription Extension

[81315] Fixed duration for E-commerce once enabled, in recurrence until date will automatically be picked when subscription is applied to the order when it gets confirmed. This end date will be based on the recurrence. E.g.: a quarterly subscription sold 1st of January will end on 31st March while an Annual subscription sold on 1st of January will end on 31st of December.

  1. To enable user needs to go to settings and enable Fixed duration on E-commerce as shown below

Once enabled whenever user will add any subscription product and confirm the order the end date will automatically be fetched based on the duration as shown below.

Field Service Extension

[74162] Show actual start and stop time on task lets you see the actual start and stop time on the tasks in time sheet this also lets you capture the paused time too , user can simple go to task and time sheet and click on start and once paused or stop the time will automatically be calculated as shown below. 

SME Core

 [72531] SME Core (a pre-requisite for all SME modules) has been upgraded to Odoo 16 paving the path to all our other extensions. 

Silverdale Sales Extension

[81341] Control who can change sales order prices via user groups allows users to have more control on which specific groups can change sales order prices, preventing accidental or unauthorized changes.

Note: the feature to control prices based on quotation changes has not been modified.

  1. Go to settings 
  2. Enable Sales prices 
  3. Select the Group that you want to allow to change prices only
  5. Once selected only that specific group can change the price 

Subscription Extension

[81350] Client Portal Subscription Information gives portal users a better insights on the subscription details and information by adding the following fields: "Frequency", "Start Date", "Valid Until", and "Next Invoice".


Go to settings and enable Additional information on Portal View in Subscription extension as shown below 

Once done the user will be able to see the following view on Portal. 



CRM Extension

[83453] Show lead and Opportunities in single view allows you to see Opportunities in the contacts , Silverdale extension lets you see both leads and opportunities in a single view in the contacts. 

Once enabled the user will be able to see the details as shown below. 

Extension Upgrades From Odoo 15 to Odoo 16 

 We have upgraded the following SMEs to Odoo 16:

  • Silverdale Square for eCommerce 
  • Security Extension 
    • Security Roles Module
  • Contact extension 
    • Automate Partner Reference Creation based on Sequence (Editable)
  • Silverdale eLearning Extension
  • Silverdale Inventory Extension
  • Silverdale Website Extension
  • Silverdale CRM Extension
  • Silverdale Project Extension
  • Silverdale Helpdesk Extension
    • Non-billable Timesheet Feature on Ticket
    • Create Opportunities from Ticket
  • Silverdale Field Service Extension
    • SME Equipment
    • Timesheet Based on Start and End Date on tasks
    • Automatic Owner Assignment
    • Helpdesk Field Service 
  • Silverdale Accounting Extension
    • Account Common
    • CA Checks Layout
    • Check Printing Base
    • Equipment to Asset
    • US Checks Layout
    • Save payment token option for public user
  • Silverdale Subscription Extension 
  • Silverdale Sales Commission Module  
  • Silverdale E-Commerce Extension 
  • Silverdale Purchase Extension
  • Mail Extension 
    • Mail Compose (Pop Up)
    • "Send From" on email Composer
  • Silverdale Cares Module 
    • Allow send message from error pop-up
  • Odoo Audit Module