SME Release Notes Odoo 15

SME Silverdale User Guide 2301

Welcome to our first Module Extension release of 2023. Below you can find our new features Odoo 15. For Odoo 16, click this link

We hope you like our new features, and if you have any questions or ideas for future releases, please reach us out via Silverdale Cares or email us at [email protected] or contact your Silverdale representative.

Field Service Extension

[T83593] Add customer ZIP to search and group by in Field Service Task lets you group different tasks in the field service using the ZIP code .  This allows fields service users to easily groups task per client location facilitating route planning.

Users can go to field service and click on group by and select Zip. Users will see the different tasks based on ZIP code as shown below. Work great on the Map view as well!

Sales Extension: Product Bundles

[T72580] Product Bundles you can now add multiple products (for all product types) within a single sales order line, and easily modify the bundle for that specific sales order. In a similar way to kits, this feature is useful when you want to add many products to a sales order but only display a few products to the customer. The benefit is that the bundle can also include services (which may create projects or tasks) and that the content of the bundle can be modified for each specific sales order.


To enable the features: 

  1. Go to Settings and enable Sale Bundles:

  2. Once enable user will be able to see another menu addition in Sales/Products , click on Bundles as shown below and click on create to create a bundle as shown below    

User Process

Once the bundle is created users will be able to add it to a sales order:

  1. Go to sales 
  2. Create sales order  
  3. Enable Sell Bundle as shown in image below , once enabled this will enable bundle lines and user can add the bundles as per the choice 


Upon saving the price will be fetched and the order line section will be updated with the products. The bundle lines are the only lines that will be visible in the client quotation. Users can freely modify the order lines without impacting the Bundle.

Reports Impact

Once the order is created user will be able to see the reports on bundle to download the report user needs to click on Print and it will display options as following Sale order Bundle as shown below 

Sales Extension: Control Sales Price

[T81341] Control who can change sales order prices via user groups allows users to have more control on which specific groups can change sales order prices, preventing accidental or unauthorized changes.

Note: the feature to control prices based on quotation changes has not been modified. 

1. Go to settings 
2. Enable Control Sales Prices
3. Select the Group that you want to allow to change prices only as shown below
Once selected only that specific group can change the price

Manufacturing Extension  

[T64640] Autofill quantity produced in manufacturing orders , once enabled Odoo will automatically update the quantity produced based on the planned quantities facilitating the validation of manufacturing orders. 

To enable user needs go to settings as shown below

Once enabled, Odoo will update the quantity produced on the manufacturing order is in "in progress" status. 

General Extension

[T66051] Prevent accidental master data creation allows for better control on when can users create new records. As an example this will help to reduce creating products by mistake from a sales order.  To enable the feature you need to go to settings and then from the Silverdale Extension and check Control Creation of Records on M2O Fields, once enabled the user can add any model that needs to be restricted as per the image below Product, Country State and Contact is restricted. 

Once the model is selected users will not be able to create the records on the fly for that specific model. The screenshot shows how product creation is restricted from the sales order.

CRM Extension 

[T83215] Standard Odoo allows you to see and access Opportunities within contacts. Silverdale CRM Extension allows users to see and access both leads and opportunities as shown below. 

Accounting Extension

[T64630] Credit card address as billing Address once enabled , payments on E-commerce Checkout and Portal will allow adding a different card address without changing the customer's address.    

To enable the feature user needs to do following


    Go to settings and enable the extension under accounting extension as shown below

    2. Once enabled go to payment acquirer, click on configuration and enable Allow Using card Address on Portal as shown below 

Once enabled the user will have option to add different address

Portal View

User will be able to see the option "Different Card Address" during the payment and check out as shown below 


Subscription Extension

[T81350] Client Portal Subscription Information gives portal users a better insights on the subscription details and information by adding the following fields: "Frequency", "Start Date", "Valid Until", and  "Next Invoice".


To enable the features user needs to do the following. 

  1. Go to settings and enable Additional information on Portal View as shown below  

Portal View:

Once enabled the user will be able to subscription by going to portal and clicking on subscription as shown below