SME Release Notes Odoo 15

SME Silverdale 230228 User Guide V15

Welcome to the end of February release of our Module Extensions for Odoo 15. The official release date for these updates is February 27th, but we will communicate with you individually to schedule the release to your Odoo.

If you want to add any Module Extensions to your subscription, or have any questions or ideas for future releases, please contact us via Silverdale Cares or email us at [email protected].

Release notes for other Odoo versions are here: 

Sales Agreement Extension 

Add Payment Terms On Sales Agreement 

T85420 Add Payment terms on Sales Agreement once enabled adds the Customer payment terms field in the Sales agreement while creating a Sales Agreement, Payment term will automatically be fetched from the term defined on the Contact, once the payment term is added in the Sales Agreement and confirmed upon creation of Sales order same Payment term will be reflected on Sales Order automatically. 


  1. Go to Settings and enable Sales Agreement Extension 
  2. Once enabled go to Contacts, select a contact go to Sales and Purchase tab and select payment terms against the contact if not already as shown below 
User Process 
  1. Once configuration has been made go to Sales Agreement in Sales and create Sales Agreement  
  2.  Once the customer is selected against which the payment terms have been defined, payment terms will be fetched automatically as shown below 
  4. Once the Agreement in confirmed and Sales order is created against the agreement this will automatically fetch payment terms against Sales Order as shown below 
  6. User will also be able to Group by Payment terms in Sales Agreement Module as shown below 

CRM Extension

Show Parent company on opportunities 

T63616 Show parent company on opportunities is useful to see to which company does your customer belongs to. 

  1.  Go to Settings and enable Show Parent Company on Opportunities in CRM Extenstion as shown below

User Process
  1. Go to CRM and create new opportunity 
  2. Select customer as contact assigned against the company and the client Field will automatically be fetched with the company name as shown below 
  4. As shown above Customer was an individual contact as **Test Customer 1** and Client field was automatically populated based on customer   
  5. In CRM Opportunity List view, Client field will also be enabled and user will be able to see the client name along with contact name as shown below 
  7. User can also group by client, as shown below

Time Sheet extension 

Invoice and Portal Time sheet 

T85632 Invoice and Customer Time Sheet Portal Report has now been upgraded, previously in the time sheet report in portal users were not able to see Tickets against which the hours were logged for, users now can see additional column Ticket which will include the ticket name and will also be able to see the hours logged for the ticket .


Silverdale Helpdesk Extension is Installed. 

User Process
  1. Go to Helpdesk , create a ticket and add time in the time sheet as shown below 
  3. As shown above ticket has been created with name TEST-TICKET #1 with time logged for 2 Employees , go to portal ,click on time sheet and the ticket along with the employee hours will be displayed in portal as shown below 



Audit Extension
Exclude Work Sheets from Audit Report 

T79627 previously all the changes of the worksheet  were logged and shown in Audit report which have been changed, after the release worksheet changes will not be included in Audit report however other Studio changes will still be there.