Silverdale square for eCommerce

Square Square Terminal SME Silverdale 2301 eCommerce


The Silverdale square eCommerce extension is useful for online businesses looking for a reliable and safe payment gateway solution for their customers. It simplifies the checkout process, making it more convenient and user-friendly. 

Key features:

  1. Payment using square 
  2. Allow saving cards without login /Allow using saved cards without login

Payment using square

With this feature, you can now pay using square payment gateway, which is the most popular, secure, and simple to use.


  1. Go to apps and install SME: square payment provider.
  2. After installing the feature, navigate to website/configuration/E-commerce/payment providers, select square, and enter your credentials۔


  4. Add the configurations provided by square and change the configuration as needed.
  5.  Once all of the configuration and credentials have been entered, make sure to publish by clicking the publish button in the top right corner and selecting the website where this will be published.

User Impact

  1. Once all the configuration has been made, go to the website, select the product in the shop, and proceed to checkout.
  2. On the checkout page, you will be displayed with multiple payment options, including square. 
  3. Select payment method as Square and enter details to proceed.

Allow saving cards without login/Allow using saved cards without login

Once enabled, this feature allows you to save the card information without logging in, which can then be used to make a payment without having to enter the card information again.


  1. Go to apps and install SME: square payment provider.
  2. Once the feature is installed, go to website/configuration/Ecommerce/payment providers, select square, and go to the configuration tab.
  3. In the configuration tab, enable allow saving cards without login. This will save the card information without requiring you to log in.
  4. You can also enable allow using saved cards without login. This will automatically allow you to view previously saved payment information.

User Impact

  1. Go to the website, proceed to checkout, and save my payment details. 
  2. Once the payment is done successfully, the payment token information will automatically be saved and displayed to the user in future checkouts. You can pick up the information.   
  3. In the square payment option,  historical saved information will be displayed.