Cares Specialist

Islamabad, Pakistan

Cares Specialists are the company’s face as first and last point of contact on all requests handled through helpdesk. Cares Specialists have complete ownership of Client requests and control the progress of requests from creation to completion to provide a wow experience for Clients.  

Cares Specialists are one of the reasons why clients come back to Silverdale.

What you’ll be doing?


You are the first contact for our clients through helpdesk. For Silverdale Tech, Helpdesk is not just managing through issues, we do several things through helpdesk such as, not limited to:


1.     Take All kinds of Issues as Tickets

2.     Take Questions as Tickets

3.     Take Requests for new features as Tickets

4.     Take thoughts to form them into something meaningful for their business/system as Tickets for creative request (Yeah! We do that.)

5.     Not always but frequently, take new projects through helpdesk as Tickets.


You’re the person to make sure everything on the helpdesk is managed for Silverdale. Preferably not at all chaotic, but even when it becomes a little chaotic, you are in control.


From start to end of a ticket, you will be talking to several people such as, not limited to:


1.     Customer: The person who initiated the ticket.

2.     Client Contact Person: Our point of contact for the client.

3.     Lead Consultant: The person who is responsible for the client. (In a way, you are too but they oversee everything unlike you. You’re our helpdesk champion) and they control the resources too.

4.     Functional Expert: Your go to person for things you can’t solve on your own. Lead Consultants have functional experts that they will assign to you as and when needed.

5.     Managing Consultant: They manage multiple clients and have a delivery team.

6.     Developer: this person solves client problems on a technical level.

7.     Quality Assurance: they make sure that the technical fix was a success.


On a usual day, you’re doing these things:


1.     Assigning correct ticket types, priorities, responsible to tickets.

2.     Communicating with the client over Odoo or Phone or Email (We don’t like emails though).

3.     Doing the liaison with the internal team to get the tickets solved.

4.     Escalating tickets to the right level of escalation.

5.     Creating tasks for the team based on tickets.

6.     Writing problem statements on tickets.

7.     Writing Solutions on tickets (after they get applied).

8.     Writing knowledge base articles for the common solutions.

9.     Teaching/telling your peer about the solutions you did.

10.  Making sure the tickets are in the right stage.

11.  Making sure the tickets are closed in time.

12.  Client Onboarding Activities on Helpdesk.


Your Academic Qualifications: 

You have a Bachelors Degree. (Preferably in Business) 

Skills you need:


·         Understanding and exposure of Helpdesk Processes

o    SLAs

o    Escalation Matrix

o    Turn Around Time Accuracy

o    First Touch Resolution

o    Accuracy in system adoption

·         Excellent Communication

o    English Expertise

o    Proper response Articulation

o    Business Case Writing

o    Knowledge Base Building and Management

·         Odoo Expertise

o    Understanding of Odoo modules and processes

o    Continuous Learning

·         Client Relationship Management 

·         Client Service Attitude

·         Tools you use:

o    Odoo

o    Microsoft Teams

o    OBS Studio for Screen Recording

o    Lucid Charts


You’re responsible for:


·         Managing the helpdesk for the company

·         Liaison with the team members to get tickets solved

·         First Touch Resolution, where possible.

·         Managing the responses within the helpdesk designated turnaround time, either one-off or repeated.

·         Client Helpdesk Onboarding.

·         Managing the tickets escalation

·         Ensuring SLA Compliance of the tickets

·         Continuous learning to ensure FTR maximization

·         8 Hours of dedicated service attitude everyday

·         Data Accuracy of the helpdesk

·         Peer-Learning environment


Your personality is like:


·         You love solving problems.

·         You have a knack for completing things that are given to you.

·         You don’t hate people controlling you but it’s the last thing you want.

·         You love talking/listening to people.

·         You have a passion for logical reasoning.

·         You are courteous.

·         You have an ample amount of patience.

·         You are an effective listener.

·         You are good at comprehending things.

·         You are just the right amount of persuasive.



What we offer:

·         Market Competitive Salary

·         Great Working Environment

·         International Client Exposure

·         Opportunity to learn:

o    Odoo

o    Competitive Fast Paced Project Management

o    Business Processes

Your Career Path:


·         You Start at: Cares Specialist

·         Your Next Evolutions: Senior Cares Specialist

·         From there, you can become:

o    Cares Team Lead

o    Functional Expert on an ERP Product

o    Lead Consultant on Client Business