Our Phases

Over the years we have completed dozens of projects with customers in numerous industries all over the world.  We know what works and what doesn't.  As a result, we have developed our extensive Engagement Model that we use with every client.  We know that every client and every business is unique, but using our framework helps accelerate the process and gets you the best outcome.


Getting to know you, your company, your customers and vendors.  Understanding your goals and priorities as well as the strategies your following helps us to fit in with your long-term goals.


Everyone has problems.  We'll help you define these into distinct problem statements by spending time looking at your current processes, understanding their impact and the overall business case.


Once we understand the problems we help you prioritize their solutions creating distinct projects with well defined scope, goals, timing and cost ensuring you know what you'll achieve at every step. 


Where the rubber meets to road and where most consultancies fail.  We stay with you - implementing the changes, helping you with the transition and being there when you need us most.

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