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Let us tell you why Odoo is right for your business

The rise of Odoo started in 2005, by the name TinyERP, a product that Fabien Pinckaers created which he thought would change the enterprise world. As with anything, Fabien and team experienced successes and failures along the way; learning to adjust and adapt was just part of the plan. In the beginning, TinyERP was running on enthusiasm alone. Soon came the realization that you cannot be tiny in this big world. That was when TinyERP was renamed OpenERP 

OpenERP pivoted and changed from a service company to a software company, also changing the business model to building a solid partner network. During this phase, OpenERP created a resilient and robust management team responsible for what changes would happen next. The following change was building new departments such as R&D and Sales, which added to the speed of the company’s growth rate. At this point, OneERP had 500 partners in 100 counties.  

Between 2007 and 2011, OpenERP experienced phenomenal growth - growing 1,549%, all while figuring out how to mature as a company. OpenERP was being installed one thousand times per day. There were two million users worldwide, 60 new modules released every month, and the numbers kept rising. In 2014, OpenERP was renamed Odoo, and a new era began.  

Odoo offers a solution for every business and has become the ERP Industry leader. There are free versions, as well as two levels of paid versions. No matter what version you go with, Odoo is scalable, so you can grow and change your Odoo as your business evolves. Currently there are over 15,000 modules (and growing!), so there are plenty of options to meet your business needs, with minimal development time and cost. Plus, Odoo is very customizable, so if there is a need for your business not offered, it can be built. Because Odoo is web-based you can use it anywhere. The interface is user-friendly, meaning development, deployment and training is fast and easy.  

You can manage everything for your business through Odoo: Sales, CRM, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Services & Projects, Human Resources, Usability & Productivity, and Pricing & Conditions. When compared side by side with other ERP software companies, Odoo offers more features in it's modules for less money, meaning that it is more accessible to users around the world. Here are a few examples:


Odoo leads the ERP market in every aspect because they genuinely care about where you put your money, how they can improve your processes, and how they can make your business function better. Every comparison highlights the very reason more and more people are choosing Odoo as their ERP software, and there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

Every year, Odoo releases even more and better features for their software, at their event Odoo Experience.  This year will be the release of v.15.  So far everything that we have read about the release is very exciting!  There have multiple updates for POS, user interfaces in Productivity, HR, Credit Card Processing, and lots more!  When a software this great gets better every year, there is no reason to not have it for your business. 

Imagine having processes that make your business faster, more efficient, and easier to work with. This is where Silverdale comes in; we will assess the current state of your processes, define your goals and problems, and then create a winning solution that solves your process-driven headaches. We want to give you the tool that will help you grow your business and streamline how you work.  Contact us to schedule your audit  today!  


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