What to Look Forward to From Odoo 15
Features and updates coming in Odoo 15

Over the years, Odoo has had a robust worldwide presence due to its excellent reputation and ERPs solutions. Today Odoo is known as the top model in the ERP software market, and now we have it!  Odoo 15 is just around the corner.

Here are 10 things to look forward to with Odoo 15:


1. One critical update coming with Odoo 15 is the ability to e-file all 1099 reports at once, making it quick, simple, and effortless to download a CSV file with all the information you need.

2. Now you can get paid by ACH in the US with an embedded form. It's available for all payment flows: online quotes/invoices, ecommerce, the new donation button, and even recurring subscriptions.

3. A key update is the refactoring of the payment API's and implementations to allow for easier use and cleaner set-up. 


4. A redesigned E-Commerce product page that looks aesthetically pleasing, and is easy to navigate.

5. A reworked Inventory app that will have new filters in place to detect negative stocks and duplicated serial numbers.

6. Users will now have the option to mark products as "favorites" and then to sort and filter by their favorite products.


7. In Point of Sale you will be able to generate check, scan, and type in gift cards.

8. There will be a new configuration in Point of Sale for sellers to set up an option to ship later. 

9. A setting has been added that can be used to allow shoppers to stay on the product page instead of being directed to their cart.

10. One of the most exciting updates of Odoo 15 is the shapes feature being added to the website builder allowing users to further customize their web pages.

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