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Your team at Silverdale is your one-stop-shop for everything Odoo and there is no better time than now to consider your Odoo partnership. Since we are all about processes, it only makes sense to have our own. Currently, 75% of ERP projects fail to meet client expectations and objectives, so we created our own methodology to bridge the gap! Our implementation approach is unique and focuses on your business and user adoption. Our team will help you implement Odoo into your business quicker, cheaper, and with less risk. We make it simple, quick, and easy to partner with us by following these simple steps: 

Discover - We want to know you and your business, along with your customers and vendors alike. Why? Because relationships are important, understanding is important, and if we understand you, we can better help you. Your dedicated team wants to know and understand your goals, priorities, and strategies.

Design - Our team understands that everyone is different, therefore everyone has different needs. If you know exactly what your needs are or need help defining them, we have a team to help you. We can help define them and show you how they will affect your business. As soon as our team understands your business, we can then prioritize solutions. Our promise is to create projects with defined scope, goals, timing, and cost, which enables you to know what you will achieve every step of the way. 

Deliver - Where all the action happens, and where the majority of consultancies fail. However, not us, your team will stay with you, implementing and aiding transition as we go. This is the step about being there when you need us most. 

It might sound too good to be true but we really are the pros at it all. Our team are experts at handling upgrades.  We have it all covered including: 

  • Systematic Analysis 

  • Installation and Hosting 

  • Configuration 

  • Development and Customizations 

  • Data Migration 

  • Deployment 

  • Training 

  • Support and Maintenance

We really do have all your upgrade needs covered. We believe there can be no efficiency without clear processes. There can be no consistent results without consistent effort. 




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