Odoo Experience 2021
Have you heard? The release of Odoo 15 is right around the corner.

Odoo releases major new features and improvements every year and will announce the official release of Odoo 15 at Odoo Experience 2021 on October 6th and 7th.

During this annual event the greatest minds in the industry come together to talk about best practices, development, capabilities and most importantly growth, along with everything else Odoo. Since we aren’t back to normal yet, this two-day event will take place virtually and will feature speakers from all over the world with Q&A sessions to speak to these industry experts.

The current Odoo iteration (version 14) is considered the fastest Odoo ever developed, but Odoo 15 is expected to improve on that. Odoo 15 will be packed with new features, tools, and efficiency like never before.  Whilst the official list of new features has yet to be released, we do know about some of the features that are to be expected. Odoo 15 will include:

  • An improved import screen

  • A new coupon and promotions program

  • Editing of charts and graphs using Odoo Studio

  • New HTML Editor

  • Easily generate CSV file to e-file 1099 reports all at once

  • E-commerce product page redesigned

  • Generate NACHA files to schedule and pay vendor bills via ACH

  • OWL Sheet 2.0, fed real-time with ERP data

  • Odoo15 will also feature ES6 and a new debug asset mode

  • Product burn-down chart landing

  • Refactoring of the payment API’s & implementations

  • New test helper “capture_trigger”, will allow you to validate if a cron exists & triggers

  • Qweb templates instead of Jinja mail templates

  • Introducing shapes on images, for the Odoo Website Builder

  • New Model to manage assets from the user interface

Odoo promises to deliver the best, fastest and most efficient, and reliable software on the market. In addition to being the number 1 choice in the current market, Odoo has partners from over 100 countries and has more than 7 million users worldwide. Growth is no stumbling block, when Odoo is offering affordable, easy-to-use, open-source, integrated business software, so companies can keep their focus on business growth versus having to worry about running their own software platform. It’s no surprise that Odoo has seen growth of 50% over the last ten years. 

As an official Odoo partner, we know the ins-and-outs of the platform and how to optimize your Odoo implementation to fit your business needs. 

Not happy with how your business is using Odoo or need a benchmark to see how you compare with your industry peers? 

Silverdale’s Best Practice Audit analyzes your Odoo set up against hundreds of data points we’ve collected from companies similar to yours. We constantly review what is considered best practice and assess your setup against it. Our audit covers settings and configuration, a custom code review, security audit and functionality usage map.  For each, we provide you with prioritization and recommended next steps.

The best part for you? There are no strings attached to the audit. You can take these results to your current partner or hire us to fix them.

Want to get started with Silverdale so you’re ready to take advantage of the newest features coming to Odoo?


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