Silverdale Sales Extension

The Silverdale Sales Extension provides access to all our Sales related functions.

1) New stage "Complete" hides sales orders that have been fully delivered and invoiced
2) New stage "Signed" tracks which quotations have been signed by the client
3) Update project description based on sales order line description
4) Set default analytic rules on sale orders and order lines
5) Block changing quotation prices based on quotation templates or users
6) Copy the description from sale order line to manufacturing order notes
7) Display invoice and manufacturing order status in sales order
8) Manage credit from customers
9) Add sales and CRM related functionalities
10) Set product brand on products
11) Auto generate product barcode and internal reference
12) Show all customers linked to a specific pricelists
13) Add estimation stages in the quotation and sales order workflow, allowing to create projects and invoices before a quotation is confirmed
14) Display delivery date in the header of sales orders
15) Limit delivery and invoice address to related contacts
16) Add products, quantities, and pricing to an Opportunity without creating a quotation. When creation a quotation the product information will be populated automatically

This is a monthly subscription. Ongoing use, support, and updates are provided as long as the subscription is valid.

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