Silverdale Contacts Extension

The Silverdale Contacts Extension provides access to all our Contacts related functions:
1) USPS address validation
2) Client portal access rights per contact
3) Auto create contact reference
4) Individual first and last name

This is a monthly subscription. Ongoing use, support, and updates are provided as long as the subscription is valid.

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Odoo Edition: Enterprise

USPS Address Validation

Automatically validate contact addresses in real time as per USPS rules. This ensures having correct data reducing issues when mailing, doing deliveries, or preparing any documentation that displays customer data.

Client Portal Access Rights Per Contact

Organizations can have complex structures and each of our clients can have diverse needs in terms of who can see what. As a result, our extension includes a dedicated contact tab to control client portal access rights for accounting, helpdesk, purchase, sales, project, and timesheets.

Contact First and Last Name

Searching for contacts is now easier, and you can now be precise when addressing your clients via email templates (Dear Mr. client_last_name)!

Have separate fields for first and last names and Odoo will automatically populate the full name for you based on your format preferences.

Auto Create Contact Reference

Do you have hundreds of contacts? Duplicated names? Avoid confusion by using contact references, now automatically assigned by Odoo based on your preferences.